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A few years ago, the University Council, after thoughtful consideration, decided to change the name of the university from International Health Sciences University (IHSU) to Clarke International University (CIU) to better reflect the scope of a diverse and innovative curriculum beyond health. We, therefore, embarked on this process which has culminated in effecting this change after all the appropriate approvals. The launch of CIU took place on Tuesday, March 6 th, 2018 and was presided over by the Speaker of the House of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda, Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga. A certificate for the change of name was secured from the Presidents’ office, signed February 26th , 2018.

Why CIU ?

IHSU has a long-standing history of being a niche university offering only health-related training. IHSU’s early beginnings originated out of a Nursing School and over the years evolved to comprise other Schools including: the Institute of Public Health and Management (IPHM), Institute of Allied Health Sciences (IAHS), Family Medicine, ICT in Health and the School of Nursing and Midwifery (SONM). Our curriculum has been innovative but limited in scope. The new brand of the university allows us to build on IHSU’s successful legacy but also diversify our program offerings. A name change will encourage continued program expansion and targeted student growth (which has seen a sharp decline in the last three years), and will more accurately reflect our values-based, interdisciplinary, research-engaged approach to educating students in areas of study including Health Sciences, Business, Applied Technology, Education etc. The first of these schools is the recently launched School of Business and Applied Technology (SoBAT), which is currently admitting its first cohort of students for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), PG Diploma Health Technology Innovation, and Certificate in Applied ICT & Leadership for the April intake.

Why does the new name include Clarke?

The new logo represents CIU’s distinctiveness and features five important elements:

CLARKE: The name Clarke is an occupational name meaning Scholar, derived from a Clarke in the Holy Orders (Clarke Coat of Arms, 2017). The name also honors Dr. Ian Thomas Clarke’s roots and dedicated citizenship and leadership in transforming critical sectors in Uganda. The vision of the Clarke family is to impact Uganda through sustainable development. Over the years they have provided thousands of jobs in their various enterprises, and recognise the need for a values-based practical education as a foundation for employment. The name Clarke has been associated with community and sustainable development, not only in healthcare but also in business. It is,  therefore, a fundamental expression of CIU’s identity/brand: a university committed to preparing responsible citizens and outstanding value-oriented scholars for leadership and transformation. The name will encompass current and future program and centers of excellence in disciplines dedicated to improving the quality of life for Ugandans.
THE SHIELD: The shield denotes CIU’s tripartite pillars of Teaching, Research, and Service. It is the motif of the university seal and signifies protection of knowledge generated, stored and

THE BEACON/FLAME SYMBOL: torch/light has always been a symbol of learning and leadership. It signifies that education is a process of stimulating the mind. It sparks ingenuity, creativity, passion, leadership, and determination. Here, our students can explore, discover, grow and accomplish their goals. The symbol unites the academic identity of CIU with its mission.

THE CIU MOTTO: Lead. Innovate. Transform: reflects our vision: A values-based university that inspires leadership, critical thinking, innovation, and outstanding academic training that transforms communities.

Est 2008: We were founded and licensed in 2008. We continue to celebrate an established and growing legacy of excellence in education, research, and service.

Of special note: CIU HASHTAG: #MakeAdifference:
Our hashtag symbolizes continuity and the primary outcome of our efforts. We hope that every student, faculty, alumni through their Leadership, Innovative action, and Transformational practices can make a difference.


Our Vision For CIU

A values-based university that inspires leadership, critical thinking, innovation, and outstanding academic training that transforms communities.


CIU's Mission

To prepare students for global leadership and to be catalysts for transformation.

We achieve this mission through a Values-Based Education; Instilling in students a zeal for Lifelong Learning; Outstanding Interdisciplinary Academic Training, Research and Community Outreach; Innovative Action; and, Exceptional Faculty.

Our students and graduates are challenged and trusted with an important agenda: to strive for academic excellence; to lead change through innovative action and transformational practices that impact communities and improve lives.  Their journey to making a difference starts here.



Clarke International University (Formerly International Health Sciences University) was founded in 2005 by Dr. Ian Thomas Clarke with the aim of improving the training of human resources for health. The first school, the School of Nursing, was established in 2005 with 16 diploma students. The primary goal of the school was to rethink, refresh, and make a difference to the way new and professional nurses were being educated in Uganda. In March of 2008, the school received its provisional license to operate as a university and effectively expanded its  programming to include baccalaureate education in Nursing, Public Health, Allied Health, and Continuing Healthcare training. In March 2018, the university rebranded to CIU, to allow for diversification of education programs beyond health sciences. Currently, in addition to the schools in the health sciences, CIU also offers programs in the School of Business and Applied Technology (SoBAT).


The Founders

The Clarke family have lived in Uganda for over thirty years, during which time they have been committed to the development of their adopted homeland. The vision of the Clarke family is to impact Uganda through sustainable development. Over the years they have provided thousands of jobs in their various enterprises, and recognise the need for a values-based practical education as a foundation for employment.

Clarke Group

Dr. Ian Clarke is the Chairman of Clarke Group Businesses which includes
projects in Agribusiness, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and Philanthropy.



The Clarkes first developed Kiwoko Hospital, a Church of Uganda community based mission hospital in Nakaseke district, which has continued to offer subsidised services to the poor for over 28 years. When they first arrived in Kiwoko, Dr. Clarke said: It is truly incredible to be here, we are still finding it hard to imprint on our consciousness that we are actually in Uganda. The Ugandan people are really lovely, many of them will express appreciation of what you are trying to do. (Dr. Ian Clarke - 2/8/1988). Dr. Clarke has not stopped using his talent, resources and expertise to address some of Uganda’s pressing problems, particularly in the health Sector.

From Kiwoko, the family moved to Kampala, where Dr. Clarke started a private clinic known as International Medical Centre (IMC), which grew, over the next decade into International Medical Group (IMG), which includes International Hospital Kampala (IHK), International Medical Centers (now 22 clinics around the country) and IAA Healthcare (a health Insurance organisation with over 60,000 members). The goal has been to develop sustainable private healthcare in Uganda and improve the lives of Ugandans.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the transcripts change?
All students admitted under IHSU up until February 2018, will be issued IHSU transcripts following graduation. The name International Health Sciences University will remain permanently gazetted and recognized and will not affect those transcripts (Including transcripts already issued to alumni). However, students admitted from August 2018 onwards will graduate with CIU transcripts. In addition, accreditation of programs will not change. The university will secure a certificate of No Change in Entity which reflects that only the name of the university has changed but the entity remains the same. Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni will all be required to indicate on their resume the change of name. For example Clarke International University (Formerly International Health Sciences University). OR: International Health Sciences University (Currently Clarke International University).

What is the timeline for the new change?

Although the official launch of the brand took place on the 6 th of March, extensive administrative and documentation/material changes will roll out over the next few months. We anticipate this will take approximately six months.

I’m a current or incoming student, is my program changing?

No, the name change will not affect your degree program or coursework. Only the university name will change. As I mentioned, as a current student, you will complete coursework in your existing program.

I’m an IHSU alumnus, how does this affect me?
As an alumnus of IHSU, this change will not affect your transcripts or diploma. As noted above, IHSU will remain gazetted and permanently recognized. Alumni may need to include “formerly IHSU as or currently CIU” on their resumes as necessary. Should you encounter a problem, the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) can always intervene and support where necessary.

What other changes will be made pertaining to the name change?
Expect to see both the IHSU and CIU name on documents, web pages, syllabi, business cards, signs, etc. over the next few months while our staff continues to work towards the name change transitions. All administrative changes are expected to be complete by the beginning of the August 2018 semester.
Dr. Rose Clarke Nanyonga

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