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Manager ICT Department

Robert Lubanga

The ICT department provides Clarke International University with the core, recent technology resources and support services for teaching, learning and research.

The department ensures delivery of Information and Communications Technology services to the university's various functional units according to their needs.

CIU recognises the role of ICT as an enabler for the attainment of its goals and strategic objectives. The department is currently organized into three functional units:  Systems, Networks, and support. Providing CIU staff and students with a broad range of ICT services that include email, Internet, telephone services, computer labs, library e-resource center and technical support which is both physical and online.


ICT Manager


Department Strategic Goals 2023/24

Maintain a Robust and Secure IT Infrastructure that Supports Teaching and Learning

Pursue Product Development & Community Engagement Initiatives

Generate Revenue

The CIU ICT Department exists to facilitate CIU’s academics and research business processes and to improve decision making by ensuring the smooth functioning of IT infrastructure and operational environments. As we work to maintain a robust and secure IT infrastructure that supports teaching and learning,

ICT Manager

Getting Started with CIU ICT's

Connecting to CIU WiFi Network Access

CIU offers FREE WiFi connections to all registered students. The WiFi is accessible all over campus even at the Annex building. To have your device configured for the WiFi connections, You will require a university email and password as guides below

ICT Department Staff

Labour Simeo
Labour SimeoNetwork Administratorslabour@ciu.ac.ug
Jacinta namakoye
Jacinta namakoyeAsst. Systems Adminjnamakoye@ciu.ac.ug
Rashied Asiimwe
Rashied AsiimweIT User Support Officerrasiimwe@ciu.ac.ug
NABIMANYA ARNOLDWeb Administrator and Graphics anabimanya@ciu.ac.ug
Clovis amai
Clovis amaiSystems Administratorcamai@ciu.ac.ug