Message to the CIU Class of 2020

The future of Uganda will increasingly be defined by Ugandans who can lead, innovate and transform the current and future industries so that Uganda can continue to compete in the global markets. As an institution of higher learning, we aim to contribute meaningfully to this demand and need.

Therefore, whether you are new here or are continuing your journey with us, our aspirational statements are a useful tool in grounding our journey in leadership. I hope that you can grow and thrive and that Clarke International University will benefit from the collective brilliance of her people. These are our aspirations:

  • CIU will be a university that constantly challenges the status quo and values a transformational approach to developing her people, infrastructure, culture, systems and programs that support our tradition of academic excellence and making a difference locally and globally.
  • CIU exists to ensure that our people, whether students, faculty, and staff are enabled to make a difference using their talents, knowledge, skills, and available resources.
  • The strength of CIU will continue to be measured in the form of conventional outputs: student academic excellence, research productivity as well as the strength of our students’ influence in communities as reflected in our industry engagements, outreach programs, and leadership influence. Faculty and students at CIU will be dedicated to joining the national and international community of scholars in exploring the complex issues confronting our world and finding solutions through robust academic and research undertakings. 
  • We will establish processes and procedures that ensure that Faculty and Staff remain principal assets in achieving our vision and mission 
  • In building our home, we will adopt architectural designs that reflect functionality, sustainability, structural ingenuity, and construction efficiency to maximize available funding and resources for the project. We want the learning spaces to be designed with the students in mind and to include: Spaces to Dream, Discover, Create/Innovate, and Experiment in order to develop solutions that address the country’s needs. 
  • CIU will be recognized for its outstanding values-based education, research & innovation and outreach services that increase our student’s readiness for a complex, interconnected, diverse, and fast-paced world. Therefore, we will strive to foster a culture of Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Diversity, Communication, Timeliness and Execution and Environmental Preservation. 
  • CIU will pursue a growth and change agenda that is necessary to ensure increasing capacity, vitality, sustainability, expanded programming and strategic partnerships that will support our continued responsiveness to societal shifts and needs. CIU will focus increasing attention on operating a financially stable, accountable, and nimble organization in order to strengthen CIU’s capacity to respond to internal and external threats. 
  • CIU will be an institution recognized for high-quality academic programs and research and for graduates whose scholarship, leadership and practice makes a difference and yields high impact within the local and global communities. We will expand the university’s impact and visibility while promoting a unique brand identity of excellence within a multidisciplinary community. 
  • Our work will be grounded in enduring values: Values-based Leadership, Whole-Person Development, Collaboration, Innovation Mission

Tag line: Lead Innovate Transform

Have a wonderful semester


Dr. Rose Clarke Nanyonga, Vice-Chancellor


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