Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Training

On 13th January 2020, Clarke International was invited by the administration of Refuge and Hope International to conduct a training exercise on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. This took place at the offices of Refuge and Hope International found in Kansanga, Ggaba and the training was done by Ms. Alimah Komuhangi, a lecturer under the Institute of Public Health and Management and the coordinator of community engagements at CIU.

Ms. Alimah Komuhangi talking to the staff of Refuge and Hope International.

The focus of this exercise was mainly on sexual health, sexual rights, reproductive health, and reproductive rights. The aim of this training was to equip the staff members of Refuge and Hope International with information so they can guide their students and families better on matters of sexuality, sexual and gender-based violence and practicing safer sex.

Community engagements are an integral part of our core values and as an institution that puts emphasis on making a difference in society, we are excited to kick start the year by giving back to the community that has continually supported us throughout all the years of our existence.