Cyber security awareness training at Refuge & Hope International

On 17th April 2019, Clarke International University was invited to conduct Cyber security awareness training at Refuge & Hope International (RHI). RHI is a US registered faith -based nonprofit organization born out of desire to serve and assist people affected by war and conflict.

From CIU, Ms. Komuhangi Alimah was the program coordinator, Mr. George Kyambadde was the main facilitator and Mr. Alex Lwanga handled technical support.

The mission of RHI is to empower refugees and displaced people by providing educational, professional, personal and spiritual development opportunities designed to help them recover from effects of war and become change leaders in their communities.

The theme of the training was “cyber security” and the audience was made up of 70 Urban refugees from Congo, Eriteria, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Burundi. They are all currently studying English as their second language and upon completion of the course, they will be admitted for programs such as Computer, tailoring and hair dressing. This is aimed at enabling them integrate appropriately in their respective communities.

Some of the issues addressed during this training were the trend of Ugandan cyber security threats using 2016/2017 financial year statistics. The students got training on the meaning of cybersecurity, their role as end users in cyber security, different security threats and risks, and security measures.

Before the session, less than 10% (7.1%) of the respondents had an idea of what cyber security is all about. By the end of the session, more than half of the audience was able to answer basic questions related to cyber security.

Special thanks go to the CIU administration for continuously supporting community engagements and to Refuge and Hope International for giving us the opportunity to create awareness among this vulnerable population.